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Synesis wishes you a very Happy New Year and a bright future!

Synesis launches 4 new products for your benefit and advantage.

As the hustle and bustle of daily schedules begins, sure, you know we pay a lot of attention to our work. Especially your education institution - schools have new challenges coming up on an everyday basis.

To compound and resolve any course of difficulty you come across in school management, Synesis brings you School Management Application that works as a key for your entire school management and administration.

Suitably available for desktop version as School Management Application and for Android mobiles - School App, we have designed for your school enabling every feature that you wish to organize in school data.

Opting for school management software brings you multiple benefits that avoid any additional costs. As a single point contact, app gives you every detail of wards, staff, exams, attendance, activities, school bus tracking, progress cards of students.

Apart from school app, Synesis also provides you with web development services that include new website for school or modifying of existing website.  Dynamic or static, Synesis works on web design to customize your regular requirements and provide provision accordingly.

Social media marketing is the latest buzz and for your social media presence, brand identity and recognition, Synesis undertakes social media advertising, marketing and publishing.

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