The Current PPE Market is Growing: 10 Reasons to Invest as a Reseller/Dealer

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The current testing times have been rough so far, especially for businesses based in almost every industry. However, the one industry that is currently growing by leaps and bounds is the PPE industry. Whether you are somebody who's looking for a low-capital business opportunity to increase your income or want to make a significant investment in order to get long-term returns, we, at Synesis Consulting, have the right solutions for you.

We offer you the opportunity to tap on the PPE market and become a part of its upward growth trajectory. Check out the 10 reasons below why this PPE dealership and reselling opportunity is profitable for you:

1. Massive growth opportunities for both resellers and dealers

As a distributor of different types of PPE products, we offer PPE reselling as well as PPE dealership opportunities in Jharkhand. As a PPE reseller, you can choose to buy PPE products in limited bulk amounts. Even if you don't have experience or expertise in this business model, we will guide you through and through.

Dealers who are already established in their regional market in Jharkhand can join in for dealing in bulk PPE products in high volumes. With more involvement, dealers can gain a significant portion of the PPE market share in the regional market.

2. Tap on two segments of the same market

The PPE market has two segments, medical PPE, and industrial PPE. As a reseller or dealer, you get a competitive edge with the opportunity to tap on both the segments. This, in turn, translates to both short-term and long-term growth opportunities in both business verticals.

3. Only the highest-quality and branded products

Make no compromises in the quality of the PPE products that you'll be doing business with. Having distributorship of renowned brands, we make sure that we distribute only the highest quality PPE products that will give you an edge in converting potential customers and retaining existing ones.

As part of maintaining a credible and trustworthy customer support system, we help you efficiently replace defective PPE products. This, in turn, will help you retain customers on a long-term basis.

4. Low-overhead investment for PPE reselling business opportunity

For joining as a PPE reseller, you don't necessarily have to put in a high investment as you’ll be buying the products in wholesale rate. If you are inexperienced in this business landscape, we will help you grow and scale up your operations as you develop expertise in the Jharkhand-based regional market you choose to operate.

5. Dealers can get higher returns with their market presence and expertise

If you are a dealer (or are already into PPE dealership) who is equipped with all the know-how of the dealership business model, you get full-fledged control as to how you choose to operate. By sharing your market intelligence, we can work together to improve inventory management. This will help you better meet local market demands as well as avoid standing stocks issue.

6. Sustainable growth in both PPE reseller and dealer business models

The current troubling times are causing a major culture shift to take place, the shift towards better hygiene and sanitization in both public and non-public spaces. What this means is, the post-pandemic PPE market will not see a decline in demands. If anything, it'll be just the opposite.

7. Product promotion and marketing support from us

To help you get a competitive advantage in your local PPE market, we assist you in product promotion and marketing. We will help you identify and reach your potential customers in both online and offline channels.

8. Fulfill your customers’ orders even when you’re out of stock

Not being able to fulfill orders due to product unavailability is something that you totally want to avoid as a reseller or dealer. In order to steer clear from this issue and its consequences such as bad customer experience and bad business credibility, we help you fulfill your local orders by delivering them from our end. Think of this service as a safety net that you can always rely on if you run out of stocks and can't fulfill any order at the given moment.

9. Gain a strong foothold in your regional market

Jharkhand market has plenty of untapped potentials for PPE reselling/dealership business opportunities. We can help you identify different local markets in the Jharkhand region and penetrate them to acquire more customers and increase sales numbers.

10. There’s no better time to invest than now

The business investments that offer the highest and most sustainable returns are the ones that are trends-first. And as we have already made it clear at the start, PPE market growth is one of the current biggest business trends in 2020.

As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm,” you can get an upper hand in the PPE market growth if you take action at the earliest. Learn more here.

You can call us at +91 9608805685, or you can fill up our Contact Us form to further understand how our PPE reselling/dealership business model can work the best for you.

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