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Essential Supplies

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Products We Deliver

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60 GSM Spun bound Hazmat Suit

1 pair Shoe Cover

1 pc Safety Goggles

1 pc 3 ply Nose Mask

1 Pc Head Cap

1 pair Nitrile Glove

95 GSM Laminated Hazmat Suit (SITRA Certified)

1 pair Shoe Cover

1 pc Safety Goggles

1 pc 3 ply Nose Mask

1 Pc Head Cap

1 pair Nitrile Glove

95 GSM Laminated Hazmat Suit with Sealing Tape (SITRA Certified)

1 pair Shoe Cover

1 pc Safety Goggles

1 pc 3 ply Nose Mask

1 Pc Head Cap

1 pair Nitrile Glove


Infrared (IR) thermometers measure temperature quickly from a distance without touching the person. It measures temperature by detecting the infrared energy emitted by someone which is at temperature above absolute zero.


Technical Specifications:

  1. Memory Storage:    10

  2. Measurement distance: 1-5cm

  3. Measuring speed < 1 sec

  4. Body measurement range: 32C to 43C

  5. LED Display

  6. Batteries: 2 x AAA

  7. Auto power off: 30 secs

  8. Certification: CE & CPA

  9. Warranty (optional): 3 months (extra charges applicable)

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Gloves (1).jpg

Product Description: 

Unsupported Nitrile Flocklined Gloves
Non-slip Grip: Diamond
Cuff: Green
Length: 330mm
Thickness: 0.38mm
Glove Size: 7,8,9,10 & 11
Packing: Pair Packed 12 pairs per bundle and 10 bundles per master carton
(Length 400mm x Width 260mm x Height 290mm)



  • Chemical Processing and Preparation

  • Petrochemical and painting industry

  • Automotive and supply industry

  • Agrochemicals

  • Food handling and processing

  • General janitorial and cleaning



1pc 3ply Non-Wooven Face Mask

1pc Pocket Hand Sanitizer

1pc Latex Smooth Surface Gloves

1pc Head Cap

1pc pair of shoe cover

Real Product Images.png
3ply nose mask.jpg


  • CE, ISO & SITRA(Fabric) Certified

  • Lightweight, Cool and Breathable

  • Made of 100% Non-Woven skin-friendly fabric

  • Fluid Resistant Design and Latex Free


Class: FFP1

Standard Conform: IS 9473
Model Number:  8801 & 8801V

Material:  Ultrasoft Melt Blown & Needle Punch Filter Media along with Spun bond PP Fabric for a smooth feeling. Aluminum Adjustable Nose clip.

Product description:

FACE MASK - Protects your face, nose, mouth, against dust, smoke, ash, pollution, and other particulate matter in all weather conditions.


LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL - Made up of soft & super light material which does not cause any irritation even after prolonged wearing.


BREATHABLE DESIGN - The design provided on the mask filters the air properly and allows it to pass through, letting you breathe even while wearing the mask.

The face mask is great for protecting you from dust, pollution, smoke, etc to help you breathe easier and stay germ-free.


SAFEWELL™ Mask with & without Breathing Valve

Class: FFP1
Model Number:  8811 & 8811V



  • Ultra-soft triple-layer face seal for soft textile sensation.

  • Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.

  • Spacious and durable pre-formed cup-shaped construction.

  • A braided latex-free elastic head strap

  • Low profile design ensures the comfortable use of glasses/goggles.

  • Aluminum adjustable nose clip & cushioning nose foam.

  • Ultrasonically sealed, Maintenance-free.


Mechanically generated dust & Mists Grinding Drilling, sanding, sawing, crushing.

Also available with an easy breathing valve. remove heat, exhaled air & moisture.

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face shield .jpg


  1. Visor Materials: Acrylic (Transparent White)

  2. Visor Thickness: 0.25 mm

  3. Type: Single-use Disposable Face Shield

  4. Comfortable & Adjustable: Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband that makes it suitable for extended wear and easy to put on or take off

  5. Anti-fog and Anti-static: It is coated with anti-fog and anti-static materials to ensure maximum visibility like it is not even on your face. Good solution for keeping mist and droplets off your face

  6. Fits for All: Easy to adjust for a custom fit, thanks to its elastic headband that offers a secure fit on all head sizes. Clear face screen provides ultra-wide vision experience for effortless visibility



  1. Ideal for isolating your face from saliva, spray, splatter, droplet, dust, oil and smoke while offering crystal clear vision for ease in doing tasks

  2. It perfectly fits over prescription glasses for effortless working in environments such as Hospitals, Lab, Woodworking, etc

Industrial Face SHield.jpg


  1. Easily mounted on almost all types of helmets.

  2. Visor Materials: Polycarbonate (Transparent Blue/White)

  3. Visor Thickness: 1.0 mm

  4. Types: Flip-Up type.

  5. Bracket Material: Hard Thermo-Plastic

  6. Have High Impact Resistance

  7. Good for high hot areas & high impact resistance.

  8. One pc is wrapped around allowing for unobstructed views & excellent side protection – 405 mm wide X 204 mm high

  9. Heat radiation, withstanding temperatures up to 145º C direct contact heat temperature and 240º C radiant heat



  1. Ideal for protection against high-speed impacts from the side as well from the front.

  2. provide protection against heat, and hot spatters

Essential Supplies

For Bulk Orders and Business Invoice



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