Safewall™ Covid-19 Acrylic Face Shield | Synesis Consulting

    Visor Materials: Acrylic (Transparent White)

    Visor Thickness: 0.25 mm

    Type: Single-use Disposable Face Shield

    Comfortable & Adjustable: Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband that makes it suitable for extended wear and easy to put on or take off

    Anti-fog and Anti-static: It is coated with anti-fog and anti-static materials to ensure maximum visibility like it is not even on your face. Good solution for keeping mist and droplets off your face

    Fits for All: Easy to adjust for a custom fit, thanks to its elastic headband that offers a secure fit on all head sizes. Clear face screen provides ultra-wide vision experience for effortless visibility



    Ideal for isolating your face from saliva, spray, splatter, droplet, dust, oil and smoke while offering crystal clear vision for ease in doing tasks

    It perfectly fits over prescription glasses for effortless working in environments such as Hospitals, Lab, Woodworking, etc

Safewall™ Covid-19 Acrylic Face Shield


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