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What are the biggest profitability, customer acquisition/retention, and business scalability factors for resellers like yourself? They are in-demand & branded products, low wholesale rates, marketing support, and timely consultations. 


With years of experience in the distributorship domain working for reputed brands, including Acme Safetywears Ltd. and Shieldme India, we know that purchasing products is less of an emotion and more of a rational and strategic decision for resellers/dealers. This is why we welcome you to be a part of our network expansion of Personal & Industrial PPEs.


In this ongoing pandemic, helping customers have access to high-quality and branded PPEs at fair prices is one of the best values you can add to the current market demand. And we’re focused on making sure you profit all the while. 


As our reseller, you become the face of our brand in the region you choose to operate. Being a single point source of the PPE products, you get the full-fledged liberty to develop the local market for product penetration in your region-specific market.


We’ve implemented the customer-first approach in our program to ensure resellers under our network get to enjoy several perks. These include:


  • Online marketing support from us as part of creating brand awareness.

  • Support for product marketing via Google marketing and multiple social media channels.

  • Several benefits of the online store, including B2B invoicing, and easy & secured payment method.

  • Fair price store, doorstep shipping, and store pickup facility.

  • Fulfillment service (the local dealer will be assigned to deliver and invoice the products routed through the online store.

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