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For Business needs, Save big in bulk orders with exclusive prices.


Become a Dealer

As our dealer, you become the face of our brands in the region you choose to operate. Being a single point source of the products, you get the full-fledged liberty to develop the local market for product penetration in your region-specific market.


Fair Price Store

We aspire to provide our customers with products from the best brands at a reasonable price. We serve you through our physical and online stores.

Store Pickup & Doorstep Shipping

We provide our customers with a pickup option that integrates with our store's existing shipping facility.

Easy Payment Method

Make a payment online through Debit/Credit card. Our manual payment option helps you to place an order by bank transfer. 

Secure Payment

Our payment processors adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS requirements to help ensure the secure handling of payment information and a 128 bit SSL encryption. 

Business Invoicing

We offer bulk discounts on your business purchases. Get GST invoice & Input Tax Credit on select products. 

Synesis Consulting

At Synesis Consulting, we leave no opportunities untapped when it comes to bringing exceptional products under our

distributorship spectrum.

A business is run on multiple flanks. There are different divisions that require the attention of the business owner.


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