Synesis Consulting™ was founded to provide the right building blocks for your company to establish its position in the market. The services aim to guide the business in the right direction, which involves getting better value from data and developing an insight to make better decisions.

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Synesis Consulting™

Our team consists of hand-picked consultants, analysts, seasoned auditors, and other professionals offering business process improvement and Certification. They have garnered quality learning and put them to diverse experiences over the years. They are all the team you will ever need to escalate your business from the infant stage to get it running successfully.


The wide array of our services begins with a simple handshake and a conversation to better understand you and your needs. We listen, ask questions and understand you throughout the process of doing business with us. The team then sits together to lay out a plan that guarantees the best solution, flexibility, and always light on the wallet.


We deliver engineered–to–you solutions to make you fit perfectly in the digitally dynamic world.


We are committed to providing services to customers in the purview of the needs and expectations of interested parties relevant to our scope of work.


Sustainability and growth keeping  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  at the epicenter is our business capital.

A healthy employee-employer relationship by adopting professional ethics is the foundation of our business.

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To earn recognition in the industry with our dedicated service till customer is satisfied


Our mission is to create and deliver the best solutions to our customers and maintain a relationship based on Trust, Commitment, Skill, and Creativity from the first interaction to the last transaction. As a business consultant and technology partner, we want to put all the pearls of wisdom we have gained into designing the best cruise to sail your company. We strive to be the name that comes to your mind the next time you deal with it.



Customer Focus

At Synesis Consulting™, we put the customer first by carefully listening to their goals and objectives, and then we craft our service around them. 



Customer relationships must be preserved even outside our transactions. We base it on trust by providing the most straightforward solutions and notifying the customer first on every step we take, big or small. 



Every service offered to a customer can be better optimized when the solution is thought out of the box. Our consultants and advisors have been trained to put creative thought processes in every task undertaken to result in better efficiency in the end.



We work hard behind the scenes honing our experience and skill-sets, building our data to penetrate any types of goals and objectives the customer might have. We don't stop until they walk out with a smile.


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Atanu Nag

Heads Synesis Consulting & Tech Solutions (P) Ltd. as Founder- Director, an organization committed to taking its client's business to the next level.

Atanu has been providing comprehensive business development services to many business houses and conglomerates since 2003. His core competency lies in advising optimal strategies for each client by working closely with their business goals and devising as needed for the client's success. He maintains a customer relationship even outside the professional arena by delivering the best solutions based on trust, commitment, and skills.


He has a profound ability to work under tremendous pressure and time constraints to handle multiple clients' projects, irrespective of scope and size. He's backed up by a strong and experienced team of professionals, mastered in their work area. The organizations where he was in a leadership role were IL&FS & Hinduja Group and Aakash Institute.

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Subrat Pattnaik

He is Responsible for overseeing and supervising the company's activities and the employees. Company's businesses rely on him to keep workers aligned with the goals of the company.

He efficiently oversees the activities of consultants & employees and ensures that the company is on track to meet its goals. He also ensures employees have the resources to complete their work on time. He also performs human resource activities, such as hiring, training, and evaluating new employees & their performance evaluations.


His experience in multiple sectors such as retail, education, and manufacturing makes him an efficient leader and team man.