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Integrated Management Systems Consultancy

Our aim is to provide seamless IMS services to the Industry such that our clients can interweave their various departments and functions into one unit aligned with a single objective of organizational prosperity.


Typically, IMS is a good tool to unify various ISO standards like (9001, 14001, 45001, etc) for a particular organization.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." 
- Henry Ford


How can we help you with the Integrated Management Systems?

Our teams carry out the following methodology during the implementation of IMS

  • Study and documentation of Business process as a whole

  • Study the primary and secondary functions of the business

  • Formulation of policies and SOPs on standalone and inter-linked operations

  • Develop mechanisms to put internal controls.

  • Test and implement the new processes 

  • Optimum documentation of processes and improvements


Advantages associated with Integrated Management Systems

  • All standards can be documented through a single, unified instruction manual.

  • The whole organization works in sync to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Image of the organization is strengthened from within, and outside the organization

  • Chances of errors due to miscommunication are reduced

  • Management is able to review all aspects of the business through one channel-IMS

  • Inter-linked processes are better managed.

  • Needs and objectives of employees are better aligned through IMS 

  • IMS anchors coordinated efforts towards continuous improvement in processes.


The main benefits of  Integrated Management Systems

  • IMS unifies multiple processes in an organization to yield a single system. This translates to the significant savings of time and money.

  • Efficiency levels of the organization are improved considerably.

  • Cost Savings due to elimination of multiple audits.

  • Productivity levels are enhanced and Health & Safety awareness is improved.

  • Top management can better utilize their time on other matters of importance as IMS takes care of systems.


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