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We work towards implementing a safety management system in the workplace on a real-time basis. Our team of Auditors & experienced consultants always thrust for the continuous improvement of health & safety measurements for our clients.

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In the words of prolific British Author on Chemical engineering safety Mr. Trevor Kletz:
"Reports are written, circulated, read, filed, and then forgotten.

And then 10 years later, even in the same company, the accident happens again."

This is a bare truth of the modern era where Safety is considered a mere formality.

TATA STEEL Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) strongly recommends adopting safety as a part of daily routine.

However, there are bottlenecks to getting access to knowledge of CSMS and implementation:

  • The awareness levels are low towards the Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) in line with client (TATA STEEL) expectations.

  • The traditional safety consultants are not accustomed to the requirement of CSMS implementation.

  • CSMS experts are not always available outside the Tata Steelwork area.

This is where Synesis Consulting® provides unparalleled support in the training and implementation of CSMS.

What is CSMS (Contractor Safety Management System)?

TATA STEEL has an exemplary System of Safety. They have always wanted their contractors to adopt a safety mindset and a culture change in their organizations. This helps

The Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS-Developed by TATA STEEL) aims at developing safety awareness and practices amongst contractors and their employees. This robust safety management system aims at incorporating a culture where safety is everyone’s priority.

This is a three-step process:

  • Containment of Injuries and Fatalities. Focused deployment of available resources.

  • Establishing Contractor related systems and processes

  • Ensure sustainability of processes implemented.

Reinforcing Steel
  • It helps ensure a safe workplace for its employees, contractors, and other stakeholders

  • It is mandatory to qualify for these standards if a contractor wishes to work with TATA group companies.

When can we help?

Often entrepreneurs and senior management keep asking the following questions to themselves
Are my safety supervisors trained enough to handle documentation pertaining to contractor safety and implementation of CSMS?
If any of the above or similar questions come to your mind, please feel free to connect with us. Click here
  • Complete assessment of your existing system

  • Improving your OH&S management system

  • Guiding you how to identify the deviations of behavioral linked safety

  • How to develop a safety culture and mentoring to bring improvement?

  • How to reduce project costs by implementing 5S and reducing incidents and near misses?

  • How to build up an efficient safety team?

  • By only keeping documents and records never assure safety. We help to remain safe through training, grooming, and implementation.

  • Established track record in CSMS related activities.

  • We provided service to more than 180 vendors.

  • We have experience of working in diversified fields of multidisciplinary industries

  • Assessment of PPE procurement process and recommending/helping to procure cost-effective PPEs, keeping in mind the specific quality of PPEs against control based safety requirements

  • A-Z services related to health & safety under one roof

  • Helping to prepare SOP, safety manuals, and documents & records

  • Dedicated project management app for monitoring day to day project performance

  • Acquaintance with CSMS

  • Complex things appear easy

  • Understanding the uniqueness of CSMS

  • Learning of team building

  • Add extraordinary credentials to your business profile.

  • In-house safety performance monitoring through our app

  • Increase in ROI

  • Enhancement in customer satisfaction

  • Affordable cost of our services

  • Increase in profitability

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Added benefits of associating with us

Our Mobile application helps with in-house safety monitoring.

SYNC: Our APP ensures that all actions pertaining to safety are recorded, monitored, and benchmarked against desired output.

  • Safety Assessment

  • Training for competence building

  • Support management to identify gaps in the system

  • Versatility in monitoring methods to enhance continual improvement

In addition to consultancy, we provide high-quality occupational health and safety training to organizations of all sizes. Most of our training programs focus on safeguarding the business environment, monitoring risks, and ensuring adequate control measures. We focus on process improvement and making workplaces more safe and secure for every person. 

Our safety training programs help you to be prepared for all kinds of unforeseen situations and manage them in the best possible manner. 

With us on board, you no longer have to worry about health and safety issues at your workplace.

Occupational Health and safety is an issue of great concern to establishing a sustainable business environment.

To be realistic, a large population of top management of Indian Industries is not very serious about the health and safety aspects of their employees.

With the changing scenario of technological innovations and environmental threats, the health and safety of workers are gaining the attention of human rights activists and the government as well.

The promotion of occupational safety and health is the overall responsibility of top management, and they must be proactive to provide a worker-friendly workplace.
A sincere thought process, approach, and initiatives can lead the company in introducing a safety culture and attitude within the organization. The outcome of the implemented results certainly helps to enhance productivity and reputation.

It is to mention that a fatal accident in the workplace can put the management in social, legal, and financial troubles. 

As per authentic reports, since May 2020, there have been 30 industrial accidents, killing at least 75 workers.

Construction Site
Sanding Machine

In the above context, it can be presumed that a lack of safety awareness/ negligence might cause such happenings.

But how to avoid this uncalled-for event? Who is there to help? 

We can help you. 

We trust that imparting adequate training and the motivational program can bring a massive change in the awareness of health and safety, behavioral safety, and change in attitude. Our experienced and expert trainers on safety are ready to help you at a very competitive cost. It is worth mentioning that our business policy is not around money only. We take pride in treating health and safety as social work.

As the saying goes, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Timely action has the power to save a potential loss of human life, material, and property.

So to remain protected from the invisible enemy before it could cause any deadly harm, get ready to anticipate it in advance and counter it with your safety knowledge and safety practices.

The field of safety is very vast and industry-specific. The type of hazards is different for different industrial activities. 

Given below the list of training modules we provide:

1.    Establishing Safety Policies, Procedures and its objectives & action plan
2.    Philosophy of Job Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.
3.    How to prepare SOP, SWP, & Method Statement
4.    Training on Positive Isolation (LOTO System)
5.    Safe procedures in Confined Space
6.    Safety procedures in Material Handling and Rigging
7.    Safe procedures with Moving Machineries
8.    Hot-Work Safety Guidelines for the Industry
9.    Safe procedures during working at height
10.    Road Safety Awareness
11.    Fire Safety
12.    Gas safety
13.    Behavior Based Safety 
14.    Chemical Safety & MSDS
15.    Housekeeping & 5S
16.    EPRP, Mock Drill


Apart from that, we provide service for various safety activities like safety competitions, safety quiz competitions, safety debates, etc.



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  • Our Implementation services are here for you

  • Finding it difficult to point out and resolve gaps in Processes or OH&S? Try out our Audit services

  • Searching for a genuine partner to enhance the skill levels of the team? We can train your teams


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