CSMS Consultancy Services

We work towards implementing a safety management system in the workplace on a real-time basis. Our team of Auditors & experienced consultants always thrust for the continuous improvement of health & safety measurements for our clients.


Our CSMS Services:

One time CSMS Audit Consultancy covers the following services:

  • Assessment of your safety management system.

  • Safety implementations at working /non-working sites.

  • Develop the necessary record-keeping method.

  • Guidelines for continuous improvement in CSMS.

  • Third-Party Audit by the expert audit team.

  • Training for safety supervisors/officers.

  • Expert manpower to assist you in CSMS Documentation.


AMC service on CSMS includes:

  • Assessments, Audits as per the CSMS checklist.

  • Monthly safety performance monitoring

  • MRC (Management Review Committee) meetings and recommendations.

  • Training.

  • Monitoring effectiveness of training imparted.

  • Enhance the knowledge/skills of employees.

  • Mapping the continual development.

  • Recommending future aspects of safety.

Our consultancy service prices (Ex Jamshedpur) for CSMS implementation and Audits are as follows:

Struggling to make the transition from OHSAS 18001:2007 to ISO 45001:2018?

With a systematic approach and the commitment from management, the transition process can be a lot easier.

The ISO organization set three years for the transition period. Thus OHSAS 18001 certified organizations will have surveillance audits according to the old standard until March 12, 2021.


Due to the COVID19 outbreak globally, the transition period for migrating from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 can be extended up to six months (11 September 2021)


The CSMS consultancy service provided by SCTSPL is very good. They have a very strong, qualified and professional team who understand the client’s requirement and deliver accordingly. I am very much satisfied with their services and I will recommend SCTSPL to other vendors also.

Mr. Abdul Amin | Proprietor of M/s. Amin Tent House |  CSM Audit Score : 686

Frequently asked questions

Why Safety Management System is required for your Organization?

Every organization is responsible to ensure a safe workplace for its employees and stake holders. Indusries do have specific job risks involved in their day to day activities. The management is bound to develop strategies for safey precautions which are required to be implemented at the workplace to reduce illness, incidents, accidents and other situations. This way organization ensures that its employees are healthy and safe to work during their working hours. Safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. Contractor Safety Management Standard (CSMS) helps to develop effective safe work environment to protect every one involved in the organization and brings the productivity and quality on top.

What are the basic steps to adopt Health & Safety management system?

Although there are several essential characteristics required to make a Health & Safety Management system. Similar to other management systems, the health & safety management system has been classified into 4 Simple steps:

  1. Plan your safety management system
  2. Implement your plan into action
  3. Check the effectiveness
  4. Continual Improvement.

What are the various records to be developed under CSMS?

There are various safety drills and respective records require to prepare and maintain under CSMS like Tool Box Meeting, Tools & Tackles, Training Records, Mass Meeting, Line Walk, Field Audit Records, Housekeeping, and many more on regular basis.

What is star ranking in CSMS Audit?

An expert audit agency hired by the principal employer to execute the audit work of all working contractors deployed inside the plant premises of the principal employer. Outcome of audit is measured in terms of star rating and based on the star rating the audit frequency is set.

Score Rating

0-449: 1 Star

450-649: 2 Star

650-749: 3 Star

750-849: 4 Star

850-1000: 5 Star

How will you prepare for CSMS third party audit?

You must prepare for TPA by introducing effefctive safety management system in the organization and maintaining records in respect to each implementation which is required to be produced during the audit.

Do you think only sustainability of your system will reward you with higher audit score in your next audit?

No, only sustainability may not reward you with higher audit score. It should be the due diligence of the contractors to maintain continual improvement in the system in order to grow with the client company.

How do we assist our clients to get higher star ranking?

Our expert auditors, consultants and our effective & proven consultancy method will help you to adopt appropriate safety implementations at working/non working sites and relevant record keeping method. We have designed various consultancy services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Please refer our website for more details about our services.

What is the minimum time needed to prepare an effective safety management system for an organization?

We have designed few very effective consultancy services which are highly demanded by our customers. Our services are ranging from one time Audit/Assessment to Annual Maintenance Service (AMC) which needs one day to one year time to deliver. However, a minimum time required to prepare an effective management system can be calculated based on the size, type & support of the organization which typical ranges from one to three months.

What is Contractor Safety Management Standard (CSMS)?

Like other safety management systems, Contractor safety management standard (Developed by TATA STEEL) also aims at developing safety awareness and practices among the contractors and their employees. This robust safety management system aims at incorporating a culture where safety is everyone’s priority.