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​Find top-notch safety personnel with our tailored workforce solutions

Welcome to Synesis Consulting®, your trusted partner in safety consultancy and comprehensive manpower solutions. We go beyond traditional safety consultancy to offer a unique blend of services that set us apart in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is clear in our integrated safety system development, ensuring the highest standards of safety for your organization.


How We Help


Safety Consultancy

At Synesis Consulting®, safety consultancy is our core competency. We collaborate closely with organizations to create, implement, and maintain robust safety measures that exceed industry standards. Your employees' well-being and asset protection are our top priorities.


Comprehensive Safety Manpower Recruitment Solutions

Explore our comprehensive safety manpower solutions designed to meet all your safety management needs:

At Synesis Consulting®, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive safety manpower solutions that drive efficiency, enhance safety performance, and contribute to the overall success of your business. Partner with us for all your safety management needs and experience excellence in safety services.

One-time Staffing Service

We understand the challenges that companies face when it comes to hiring talented safety personnel. From stringent regulatory requirements to the need for specialized skills, finding the right candidates can be challenging.

We connect companies with top-notch safety professionals ready to tackle industry-specific challenges. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, mining, healthcare, or any other sector, we're equipped to find you the perfect candidates. Our goal is to ensure your operations run smoothly without the hassle of recruiting.

We handle everything from screening to selection, saving you time and resources. We also offer ongoing support to ensure our placements perfectly match your needs. Let us simplify your hiring  process and help you build a safer workplace.

Head-Hunt Service

Finding the right talent for your safety management team is crucial. Our head-hunt service specializes in identifying and recruiting top-tier safety professionals who align with your company's culture and safety objectives. Our extensive network and industry expertise streamline recruitment process, save you time and resources, and ensure exceptional candidates.

Temporary Staffing Service

Are you grappling with unpredictable workloads or specialized project demands? In times of increased workload or project demands, temporary staffing can be a practical solution. 


We provide temporary safety staffing services to fill in gaps seamlessly.  Whether you're facing sudden surges in tasks or require specific expertise for projects, temporary staffing offers a flexible solution without the burden of long-term commitments. Connect seamlessly with skilled professionals like safety supervisors, officers, inspectors, and managers, ensuring uninterrupted operations while sidestepping recruitment headaches.


Our service offers you increased flexibility, lowered overhead costs, and access to customized talent, empowering you to focus on driving business growth.

Conducting Campus Drives

Investing in future safety professionals is key to sustaining a strong safety culture. We conduct campus drives to identify and nurture talented individuals pursuing careers in safety. We connect promising candidates to safety industry roles through interactive sessions and assessments, fostering a pipeline of skilled professionals for future success.


Say goodbye to safety workforce worries and hello to hassle-free staffing solutions.


Expertise: Benefit from our years of experience in safety consultancy, ensuring unparalleled expertise in developing and monitoring safety systems.


Safety First

Safety isn't just a priority for us—it's ingrained in everything we do. Our personnel are skilled and well-versed in safety protocols, actively developing and monitoring safety systems on your shop floor.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique, so our customized manpower solutions are designed to cater to your specific demands.



Trust us to deliver manpower solutions that align with your requirements and enhance your safety systems proactively.


Looking for a Safety Expert?

Ready to revolutionize your safety initiatives?


Contact Synesis Consulting® today to discuss how our safety consultancy and comprehensive manpower solutions can benefit your organization.


Let's elevate your safety standards together with Synesis Consulting®

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