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We, at Synesis Consulting®, believe in developing a culture of Equality.


It is a constant endeavor of us to captivate and recognize the vivid, ambitious, and carefree talent.


We are about people, and we want the best for our team, our customers, and our friends. We don't just do business with the people; the work we do matters to them a lot. We unbox success plans through our distinctive approach. We are determined and are constantly learning, whether from a failure or a new accomplishment.


With us, you can pursue your passion for a happening, a journey to tomorrow.


Do you want to come along with us?


Let's ride to the world of adventure, ecstasy, and blissfulness. Help us create an environment where we make the team, work hard, brainstorm relentlessly, laugh a lot, and expedite ideas to put them on board.

Social Media Marketing & Content Writing

Selected intern's (social media marketing) day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Plan and develop social media calendar and creative ways to spread the company's message or product/service
2. Identify pages, groups, and influencers over social media and share messages, posts, videos, product testimonials to increase our brand's reach
3. Establish effective communication with potential leads across the channels
4. Coordinate with content and design team to establish an effective communication system for generating leads and convert into sales

Selected intern's (content writing) day-to-day responsibilities include:

1.Develop content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term marketing goals
2. Develop an editorial calendar and ensure timely delivery of appropriate content in different platforms
3. Create engaging SEO Optimized content
4. Ensure compliance with the law (e.g. copyright and data protection)
5. Generate new ideas to draw the audience's attention
6. Use content management systems to analyze website traffic and users engagement metrics

Will be responsible for daily reporting and work closely with the team.

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