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Plan your next Safety Audit

Process improvement and transformation in accordance with national and international standards is desired by all Business Owners. We facilitate the following methods to make a business ready for the challenges of tomorrow:

  • Initial Gap Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Improvement Plans

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Ensure Safe Workplace

Safety Audit

A safety audit is a structured process that is used to collect information related to a company’s efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and safety. 

  • IS 14489

  • ISO 45001:2018

  • Contractor Safety Management Standard (CSMS)

Workplace Safety Consulting

By assessing your specific needs and helping you to implement effective safety protocols, a safety consultancy can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.


Why Synesis Consulting®

Synesis Consulting® has helped a wide range of industries to implement and get certified effective management systems.


We offer straightforward and cost-effective consultancy and certification services that are designed to take the hassle, much of the unnecessary cost, out of the certification process for our customers.









Industrial Safety Improvement Audit

Industrial Safety Improvement Audit

Safety audits can be performed internally by supervisors or employees, though they are often more effective when performed by an independent third-party safety auditor as they can look at your operation objectively.

Objectives of Safety Audit

The objective of a safety audit is to identify gaps and recommend ways to improve safety in the workplace. A safety audit can help to:

01. Identify potential hazards in the workplace 

02. Improve communication between management and employees

05. Help to create a safe and healthy work environment

03. Recommend ways to improve safety in the workplace


04. Encourage employees to be more aware of safety risks

The Purpose of Safety Audit

Safety audits serve two main functions

01. An industrial safety audit is performed to assess the safety and health hazards present in a workplace and to determine whether the employer is effectively managing these hazards.

02. The audit also assesses the compliance of the workplace with relevant occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

Salient Features of our Safety Audit

A safety audit is conducted to identify areas where safety can be improved in an industrial setting. It is a comprehensive assessment of an organization's safety management system. 

Our audit team reviews all aspects of the safety management system, including policies and procedures, training and communication, incident reporting and investigation, and safety culture. This audit identifies strengths and weaknesses in the safety management system, as well as the physical environment where work is taking place and makes recommendations for improvements.

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How Advantageous our Safety Audit Service Would be for You?

Audits are essential for any company in order to ensure the safety of their employees and their brand. However, audits can be tricky and resource-draining, often with little payoff. That's why it's essential to have a centralized system of data storage that can cut costs on implementation and execution. With this system in place, companies can save money and improve the safety of their employees and brand.

Our certified auditors have years of experience working with health and safety systems. They can quickly assess existing safety and health situation and provide guidelines on how to improve it. This way, companies can be sure that their employees are following the best practices. We ensure: 

  1. Accurate and Unbiased Assessment. 

  2. Guidance on how to Improve OH&S Management System.

How often should a Safety Audit be Done?

How often a safety audit should be conducted depends on the specific workplace and industry.


It's generally recommended that you have an external safety audit once a year, and an internal audit every six months. This helps to ensure that you're always up-to-date on the latest safety practices.

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What is the Need for Safety Audit?

As businesses increasingly look to improve their safety standards and compliance, the need for safety audits has never been greater.


A safety audit is an independent assessment of an organization's safety management system that is designed to identify areas of improvement.

It's time to unlock the ultimate benefits that industries look for from our audit service. 

With our audit service, you can expect improved efficiency, cost savings, and better quality control. 
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business.

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