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ISO 21001:2018

Educational Organizations Management System

What is ISO 21001 - Educational Organizations Management System?

It is a code of educational organizations management system in which specific requirements are listed for a management system:

  • When the organization needs to demonstrate its core ability to adapt to the acquisition and development of the whole competence through the source of teaching, learning or research.

  • When the organization aims to improve its teaching skills in order to satisfy its learners by enhancing the techniques of teaching used by them.

All the above-stated requirements are generic and they are specifically applicable to only those organizations which use the curriculum in order to stabilize the competence of teaching, learning, and research irrespective of the type, size or method of delivery.

This standard can also be applicable to those educational organizations whose core business is not teaching and they do also indulge in a few other activities such as professional training departments, simultaneously.

Benefits of ISO 21001 (EOMS)

​There are numerous benefits of enacting the standard and a few of them are listed below:

  • A consistent process for demonstrating the efficiency and a tool to improve it.

  • Enhanced alignment of the objectives and activities with policy.

  • Periodically increasing the credibility of the organization.

  • Increased participation from interested parties.

  • A centralized standardization of all the standards listed for organizations.

The benefit of enacting standard may not be visible at an instant view, but it is something which gradually builds and strengthens the power of the organization(s) to remit knowledge and smart learning in a better and understandable way to attract a number of learners towards the organization.

Who will adopt ISO 21001 Management System?

This system can be adopted by those organizations which aim to improve their teaching, learning, and research in order to provide a better learning experience for all the potential learners.

Even those organizations that indulge in providing vocational training, professional training, and e-learning service can use the standard.

Enactment of this standard can also lead to the standard applicability of the laws.

How to implement ISO 21001 Management System?

The methodology used to implement the ISO 21001 Management System must be so designed to capture all the standard requirements for the certification. According to the International best practices, the process commonly followed for integration is ‘Integrated Methodology for Management Systems and Standards (IMS2). The process is summarized as follows:

  • The first step is to determine the context of the organization, requirements of the interested parties, requirements of learners and other beneficiaries and the scope of the EOMS. Following this, a four-step process is undertaken, known as the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

  • Plan: In planning, the objectives, risks, resources, awareness and communication and documented information are defined and outlined.

  • Do: The control needed for the operations are identified along with the requirements of products and services. The designs are developed and control is externally placed on the products and services. In a nutshell, this step involves the creation of products and services for the customers by addressing all controls. 

  • Check: Following this step, checks are conducted where the previous implementations are measured, internal audits and management reviews are conducted.

  • Act: Finally, non – conformities are treated and the entire cycle is continually improved and iterated.

By following a methodology, the organization can save a lot of effort, establish a productive work – cycle within the organization and also save on time and resources while increasing their chances of obtaining the certification successfully.

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