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ISO 21001:2018

Effectively organize your Educational Organizations Management System

WHAT IS ISO 21001:2018 - Educational Organizations Management System?

ISO 21001: 2018 for EOMS (Educational Organization Management System) specifies all kinds of educational organizations' standardization and evaluation requirements.


  • It evaluates the management systems of educational organizations when they indulge in any form of teaching, learning, or research.

  • It ensures the standard quality of training or education to learners and other beneficiaries.

  • It ensures that the teachers and the evaluators adopt standard tools and methods.

  • It ensures uniform processes across the organization as per the requirement of learners.

  • It strives for the improvement of systems and encourages innovation in methods.


The Scope of ISO 21001:2018 is limited to:

  • Any organization develops skills and competence through research, learning, or teaching a curriculum.

  • Any method of delivery, type, and size of such organization falls in its domain.

  • Following educational organizations benefit from ISO 21001:2018

    • Pre-school, 

    • Primary, elementary, middle schools, 

    • High schools, 

    • Colleges and Universities, 

    • Adult education, 

    • Special education schools

    • Vocational education and training

    • Tutoring or coaching centers

    • Training organizations, 

    • Education training departments

    • Consultants

    • Research Organizations,

    • Non-Formal educational service providers.


Organizations manufacturing educational tools or products do not fall in the scope of ISO 21001.

Why is ISO 21001:2018 important?
  • As an educational organization, do you feel the need to evaluate the degree to which you meet the requirements of learners and other customers?

  • Do you need guidance to deliver a quality educational process that is increasingly focused on co-creation?

  • Do you wish to convert the traditional customer-supplier relationship into a collaborative partnership in education?

  • Do you wish to align your action plans with your organization's vision, mission, and objectives?

  • Do you strive for inclusive and equitable education for all?

  • Do you wish to provide personalized learning to special education needs systematically?

  • Do you wish to create a consistent improvement model and harmonize national standards within an international framework?

  • Do you wish to stimulate excellence and innovation in your educational organization?

ISO 21001:2018 is the one-step solution to the above questions.

Are you looking for ISO 21001 Consultation/ISO 21001 Training/ISO 21001 Certification? 

We have experts available to help you achieve standards:

  • ISO certification for colleges

  • ISO certification for schools

  • ISO certification for training institutes/departments

  • ISO certification for Coaching/ Tutoring centres.

  • ISO for non-formal education service providers

  • ISO for special education providers


The process followed for applying and implementing ISO 21001:2018 is known as "Integrated Methodology for Management Systems and Standards" (IMS2). The process is in sync with international best practices. The process involves drawing the context and then following the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act):



o Determine the organization's context

o Record the requirements of interested parties, learners, and other beneficiaries

o Understanding the interrelated processes of the organization



  • Establish the objectives of the system and its processes

  • Map the resources required to deliver results by the learners' and other beneficiaries' needs within the framework of organizations' policies

  • Identify and address the opportunities and risks involved.

  • Outline the documented information for further training and implementation


  • Implement the control process to all processes involved in the organization

  • Place external controls on all the processes involved to deliver a product or service to the customer


  • Monitor and measure processes against policies, objectives, requirements, and planned activities. 

  • Monitor and measure resulting data against planned output

  • Report the results 


  • Take corrective actions to eliminate the cause of a non-conformity and to prevent a recurrence

  • Continual improvement of process and output to enhance performance

When do you know that you need to connect with us?

If the answer to any of the questions listed below is "YES," then it is the right time for you to connect with us:

  • Are you an upcoming organization willing to create a reputation in the field of education?

  • Do you genuinely want quality education and training for learners?

  • Do you wish to benchmark the quality of learning provided?

  • Do you wish to standardize the management processes of the institute/department?

  • Do you want seamless synergy across departments within your organization?

  • Do you wish your learners to adopt a systematic approach to a problem-solving methodology?

  • Do you wish to improve upon your processes based on the evaluation of data and information?

  • Do you wish to standardize your processes of vocational training, professional training, or e-learning services?

ISO 21001 addresses all these concerns. We at Synesis Consulting® offer support services and consultation to achieve the standard.

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