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Buying an ISO certification without implementation is similar to buying a yacht without a sail.

Training, Implementation, Documenting information, and a Successful Audit will bring you the right mix of improved productivity, low-cost operation, new orders, and a Certification.

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ISO Certification 

Put International Standards at the heart of your practice to streamline your operations and create better value for your customers.


Get your safety management system assessed and improved for credibility-driven workplace safety.


Synesis Consulting is a leading online store for Industrial Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Products. Shop now for the latest range of Safety products including Disinfectant and Sanitizer.

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Grow in the Personal and Industrial PPE market as a reseller/dealer. 

If you are looking for a business/investing opportunity, now is the right time to pitch in as a PPE reseller/dealer.


As pandemic-led disruption unfolds, there has never been a better time to leverage the PPE market than now.

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