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We Transform your Business through our Consultancy Services

  • Process Audits

  • Process Implementation

  • Onsite/Offsite Training

  • ISO Certification




Increased Productivity

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Successful Certification


Business Growth

We assure you the right mix of

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Process improvement and transformation in accordance with national and international standards are desired by all Business Owners. We facilitate the following methods to make a business ready for the challenges of tomorrow:

  • Initial Gap Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Improvement Plans


Implementation of a process improvement plan is the most critical action in business transformation and standardization. Our experts are capable of consulting on a wide range of industrial needs:

  • Quality Management Program 

  • Quality Management Program for Educational Organizations

  • Safety -  Incident Prevention Program

  • Integrated Management Program

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We believe that imparting adequate training and motivation to the team can bring a massive change in awareness levels, behavioral safety, and change in attitude. Our experienced and expert trainers on safety are ready to help at call of a button.

  • Capability Enhancement of Personnel

  • Off Site Training for Skill Improvement

  • Onsite Training during Process Development

  • OH&S Enhancement Training.









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ISO Certification

We help with the following certifications:

  • Quality Management System

  • Educational Organizations Management System

  • Environmental Management System

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System

  • Integrated Management System

When can we help?

Ask yourself these questions:

⚠️ Do I feel that my organization is process-oriented on a superficial level?

⚠️ Safety is seen as a waste of time and resources? 

⚠️ People lack the acumen to standardize the processes?

We are here to resolve each of these disturbing self-doubts with our experience in consulting hundreds of organizations and helping them to build a better tomorrow.


Our solutions have a 100% success rate and we're proud to have served some of the country's most well-known enterprises. Synesis Consulting® guarantees to boost your organization's performance and bring instant value.


While we previously displayed our clients' success stories on our website, we realize that in today's age of data security, it is not advisable to do so. However, we are open to discussing our successful projects upon request. We value our client's privacy and safety above all else.

Why Hire us?

We know how to do

We know the rules of the game and how to direct any situation to the result you want. Our team works closely with the customer to provide one-stop solutions and ensure no holes in the plans they lay. 

We know what to do

We at Synesis Consulting® aim to establish the highest standard of process improvement Consultancy service by optimizing existing business processes and team performance.

All the team members are professionals in the field they are working in and have been explicitly trained. Our team members have gathered immense experience and are always ready to put them to play.

You don't like failed projects, and neither do we!

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How would it be for you to talk to a friend and tell them your problems, hoping for a solution? We will be that friend, and we guarantee solutions to achieve your goals. We are always just a hello away.

Synesis Consulting® is proud to present


Your Safety Mentor

He is here to help you energize your organization with a commitment to the  growth of Industrial Safety. 


He represents our experts having rich experience in functional and technical aspects of Safety and Compliance. He thrives to share the collective knowledge and experience of our experts at Synesis Consulting®.

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Want Experts Call?

Facing any issues with standardizing your processes?
  • Our Implementation services are here for you

  • Finding it difficult to point out and resolve gaps in Processes or OH&S? Try out our Audit services

  • Searching for a genuine partner to enhance the skill levels of the team? We can train your teams


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