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Become a Certified Internal Auditor of ISO 45001:2018 and Enjoy the Leadership!

Businesses and organizations, nowadays, aim at ensuring proper working conditions for their employees in order to reduce the number of injuries and deaths. Organizations are keener on deploying skilled manpower capable of implementing zero accident environment in the workplace.

Here is a greater chance for you to pursue a self rewarding career by helping organization in the mission of establishing an effective safety management system.

Benefits of ISO 45001:2018 Internal Auditor Certification by Safety Personnel in the scope of ISO 45001 :

  1. By conducting Internal audit, a certified Internal Auditor finds “early warning system” to spot health & safety threats, which gives the chance to address and resolve them before they are detected by others (by 3rd party audit), rather than after.

  2. A certified Internal Auditor helps the company to get ISO 45001 certification by preparing documents as per the guidelines of experts (consultants, lead auditors) & facing several audits (stage-1 & 2 of 1st year, surveillance audit of 2nd & 3rd year) and brings organization in an elite category of business and on the level of excellence.

  3. A certified Internal Auditor Improves business performance of the organization by a well designed & well implemented ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System, which reduces workplace illness and injury and increases productivity.

  4. A certified Internal Auditor becomes competent to ensure compliance with all current legislation of Central & State Government.

  5. A certified Internal Auditor is competent to identify the gaps of the OH&S system and guides the team and the organization to improve the efficiency of internal operations, reduces accidents & dangers of all stake holders, and also reduces shut down time arises due to accidents.

  6. A certified Internal Auditor measures KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in Health & Safety Management System.


Benefits of ISO 45001:2018 Internal Auditor Certification to an Individual as a safety professional :

  1. Enhancement of knowledge on Safety & Health Management resulting in higher confidence which helps in achieving better career.

  2. A CIA can Identify and apply the requirements of ISO 45001 audit.  

  3. Skill development to assess and report of the conformance and implementation of processes, to assess an organization's capability to manage its OH&S MS.

  4. Skill development to conduct the audit activities, initiates the audit, compile and close the outcomes of the audit report.

  5. Ideas to improve a company's OH&S performance in preventing injury and ill-health, suggested corrective actions & preventive actions.

Want to be a certified Internal Auditor of ISO 45001:2018?

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