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Is Your GST Return Filing Consultant Doing Enough?

No matter how you look at it, as a blessing or as a curse, the Goods and Services Tax or GST, has changed the contours of the taxation system in the country. For starters, it has done away with manual filing of indirect taxes. The days of using the traditional method of hiring the known tax consultant to do the paperwork is now history. In the day and age of GST return filing, you need the services of a trained and professional tax consultant, someone who is well-versed in this overhauled, new taxation system


It may be the case that you have already got a GST return filing consultant onboard. However, you are unable to figure exactly how much the consultant is doing for you. Here are some pointers to check out if your GST tax consultant is doing enough.

Firstly, the tax consultant needs to communicate to you about the taxation system which is applicable for your business. There is no point in doing the paperwork without actually telling you in intricate detail about how it is being done and why. Though the GST has merged all other indirect taxes into one umbrella, there are different slabs in this taxation structure. You need to know about them clearly through your tax consultant.

Secondly, your GST filing consultant has to give you ideas and tips about saving taxes whenever possible. A good tax consultant cannot brush off their hands after filing the return online. It is important that you know where you could have saved some taxes, or worked on the books so that there is greater clarity during the time of filing the GST return. These ideas will come in handy next time when you have to file tax returns.

Thirdly, your tax consultant needs to be hands-on in addressing your queries and questions. You cannot work with a consultant who takes off after getting the papers from you and gets back to you only when the job is done! Before the online filing, you need to discuss finer points so that there is no mistake in the filing. After all, if there are issues in the filled GST returns, it is you who will have to bear the brunt, not the tax consultant.

If your GST return filing consultant doesn’t tick these boxes, we at can help you out.    

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