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Safety Rule #1

The new labor codes are about to be implemented in India. Following are the norms related to the Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code drafted in 2020

  • The code applies to every establishment with fifty or more contract labour employed on any day preceding twelve months.

  • The code applies to any establishment with ten or more interstate migrant workers or employed where any industry, trade, business, manufacturing, or occupation is carried on.

  • The code enhances focus on worker health with rules like free Annual Health check-up of workers to be sponsored by Employers.

  • Benefits of social security schemes for Inter-state migratory workers. Provisions for annual to and fro journey to native places.

  • One day leave entitlement on 20 days work done if employed for 180 days or more (earlier prerequisite was 240 days)

  • Employer to ensure safety for women working in night shifts.

Contact me to clarify any doubts about the New labor code.

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