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Safety Tips & Trivia #5

The proper personal protective equipment must be worn at all times while on the job. If a worker is injured while on the job, and it is discovered that he was not wearing PPE, the question of liability will likely come into play.

Who is to blame in this case?

Let’s observe a few situations:

When a worker refuses to wear PPE or repeatedly needs to be reminded to wear it, he is increasing the risk of injury. Many researches reveal that there are two major causes of refusing to wear PPE by the worker:

  1. The worker was wearing an odd size or defective PPE causing physical discomfort. Regular inspection of PPE, taking feedback from the workers, and replacing defective items immediately will minimize the risk of injury.

  2. The worker has a behavioral issue. In this situation, the worker may be held liable for a PPE violation. It is necessary to understand the need for training for the workers to make behavioral changes in them so that they don’t repeat the same violation.

Sometimes it is necessary to take appropriate disciplinary action against such a worker to change their behavior if he doesn’t seem to follow the rules despite training, repeated reminders, and warning. This will set an example for his co-workers and help them to follow the appropriate behavior.

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