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Choose the Right Safety Campaign for Your Workplace!

Before launching a safety campaign, the process owners should conduct a deep introspection over the immediate OH&S related issues that they wish to resolve. The campaign should be built around those major pain points. An effective campaign should be Measurable and Time bound. Some popular campaign ideas are shared below:

01. Placement of at least 5 safety slogan boards within 30 days

02. Installation and repair of Handrails across the plant in a months time

03. Conduct at least one fire drill in each department in a period of 90 days

04. Ergonomy Improvement campaign- Suggesting at least one improvement every month.

05. First Aid kit inspection and refill campaign in every section at specified interval.

Amongst the pain points, one should first target the most vulnerable areas for launching a safety campaign. Improvement in vulnerable areas automatically drives the participants toward the successful completion of objectives. It helps generate interest for upcoming campaigns too! Need help with planning a safety campaign? We will be Happy to Help.

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