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The Secret to Start-up Success Revealed!

Have you ever wondered how do you identify if the start-up idea lurking in your mind is the next million dollar one? 

For start-ups to thrive, they are limited primarily by two factors. One, lack of validation and the other, lack of finance. Validation is the thorough analysis of the idea putting the picture of the real-time market and consumer environment around it. This makes the difference between an idea going out to become a company or the one ending as scribbles on a paper. With millions of ideas barging throughout, validation provides the tool to pick out the one that should work.

Finance on the other hand is a menacing monster to today’s youngsters who struggle to balance everyday expenditures with savings for building a company, not to forget the risk behind it. While micro-startups have emerged in the scene, improper handling of even the smallest capitals can lead to painful losses. 

This is where business consultancy services come into play. Start-ups are the seeds which need the soil of guidance, finance and planning to grow. These three pillars of success are what define a professional and effective business consultancy service.


Business Consultants have typical experience of more than 10 years working across multiple situations and solving diverse problems. The knowledge, skills they possess is valuable in scrutinizing the start-up to know where it lacks and areas for its improvement. They provide the much – needed customer’s point of view.

Resource Management:

A start-up consultant views the entire resources and allocates the right amounts at every stage. The management area of advice incorporates finance, strategy, marketing and development. A business consultant, an expert in all of these, provides the insight and knack to handle all these without producing losses or chaos.


A proper plan makes the start-up trek much easy and secure. Planning is one of the central services offered by business consultants who study the foundations of the startup in detail, combine their expertise to create a road-map and ensure it keeps scaling up. Business Consultants think alternative escape routes in case the plans do not perform as expected and this is the key difference to a professional service from self-planning.

Market! Market! Market!

A business consultant knows the customer in and out! He / she identifies the segment in

which the start-up is based on and gathers data. This then undergoes analysis and research to identify market trends and demographics. Using this knowledge a detailed plan is created for marketing your product, both offline and online. 

Our Business Consultants at SCTSPL have a track record of converting ideas to well-sustaining businesses. Be it beginning the construction from start or providing emergency advice, our team is well-equipped to provide guaranteed results. 

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