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Gearing up for the Post-Pandemic Business Landscape: 4 Things to Know

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The current pandemic has dramatically changed the outlook of the business landscape. While business owners and decision-makers are left with no option but to make changes to their business model/strategy, budding entrepreneurs have to take new approaches for their post-pandemic endeavors.

The right actions taken now will help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the current pandemic turmoil as well as become better equipped for the post-pandemic landscape. Here are 4 key action points to consider:

1. A strategic approach towards new business endeavors

New business endeavors have now become challenging as never before. For entrepreneurs looking forward to stepping in the business landscape, choosing the right strategy that’s inline with the current and post-pandemic market trends is vital.

It goes without saying that sanitization/disinfecting and PPE are the two market segments that currently offer great value in terms of growth opportunities. Growth sustainability is another important factor that makes these two market segments attractive to entrepreneurs and investors.

At Synesis Consulting, we can help you grow consistently in the sanitization/disinfecting market segment. As the only Jharkhand-based distributor of SHEILDme™, a high-level disinfectant, we welcome you to be part of our network as a reseller or dealer for the product.

2. More focus on the consumer model changes for the new normal

It’s no surprise that the current pandemic has accelerated changes in the consumer model. Consumer behavior will mostly shift towards higher cautiousness regarding hygiene and safety. This means that businesses, especially ones based in the hospitality, food and beverage, public, education, and healthcare industry, will have to take extra sanitization measures to maintain proper work/in-store hygiene at all times.

This is where you can pitch in as a reseller/dealer of SHEILDme™. Unlike conventional disinfectants, SHEILDme™ is well-suited for almost every industry as it has a natural, non-hazardous formulation.

3. Remote working capabilities as one of the priorities

One of the major factors that have become apparent with the current pandemic is the ability of businesses to maintain operational flow with remote working capabilities and resources. The importance of remote working has brought changes and re-shaped business models.

Business leaders/partners/affiliates and decision-makers who prioritize and bolster remote working capabilities for the new normal will be able to maintain operational flow despite the unanticipated odds.

As a reseller/dealer of SHEILDme™, you can remotely operate in your region/area-specific market. We equip you with the right tools and resources needed to maintain consistency in your growth.

4. Resiliency in balance sheets

The pandemic has forced many companies (even ones on the enterprise level) to execute large-scale layovers due to declining business and sales numbers. One key lesson learned here is building resiliency into balance sheets should be one of the primary new goals.

Developing the capabilities to maintain cash flow will help businesses to not just withstand the next unanticipated event but also recover and gain a strong foothold in the market competition.

Leverage the post-pandemic culture shift

Proper sanitization is currently apparent and has become the top-most priority for almost all businesses. The priority for large-scale sanitization will only become amplified as businesses return back to full-fledged operations.

As a reseller/dealer of SHEILDme™, you can do more than just fill the demand-supply gap in the disinfecting market. You can offer the best value to businesses by helping them cut their overall sanitization expense with the high-level efficacy and versatile applications of SHEILDme™.

Reach us at or call us at +91 9608805685 to know how you can join us as a reseller/dealer for SHIELDme™ and grow exponentially. Visit our SHIELDme™ page to learn more.

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